Wendy And Mark Sheriff purchased the Orchard in 2005 after deciding to make a life style change and they saw this neglected orchard and fell in love. Wendy's family the Annis's, lived in Maine from the early 1700's, most of them were farmers, fishermen and carpenters. Mark grew up in upper state New York in "Apple" country, so it only seemed fitting that we planted our roots here. 

We knew we had a lot of work ahead of us but wanted to first come up with a name for the orchard that expressed something else we loved, our hobby of genealogy, and the Brittish Isles where most of our families hail from, and came up with Avalon, which means "Isle of Apples" an actual location where supposedly King Arthur is buried. We are not a big commercial orchard, so we felt that the name fit. We started out with about 250 + trees and over the last several years we have had to take some down, but we have planted 50 + more in apple trees. Some new varieties, some of the older varieties that people love, along with other fruit trees. We have added peach, plum, and sour cherries. Included on the property was also High Bush Blueberries and Raspberries. We have expanded the vegetable garden to include pumpkins, and gourds along with an assortment of vegetables. We want this to be a full family experience, so we offer pick your own in the fall along with some critters for the children to feed and pet, so stop by and enjoy a relaxed, family day at Avalon Acres Orchard and Farm.

Come Visit Us Here on the Farm and Bring the Family